Shree Dhapsung Basic School (1-3)

Village School
Dhapsung,Helambu Valley, Sindhupalchok
B.S. 2050 B.S.
Ram Dayal Shah
Age range:
Phase of education:
Basic Education
School type:
Community School
Gender of entry:

Dhapsung is the smallest, and probably the remotest village in the Helambu region. With around 40 houses scattered sparsely, it has around 200 inhabitants. The village is populated by people from Tamang community and is located around 2000m altitude, 3 hours away from Ichowk, 3 hours uphill from Pating and 2 hours across from Solsing.

Shree Dhapsung Basic School was established in 2050 B.S. and is located quite far away from the village settlement area. The school runs from grade 1 to grade 3 and has 2 teachers to support around 25 children from within the village. The children use English textbooks but are usually instructed in Nepali. After completing grade 3 at the school, the children from the village continue their studies at Pating School, 2 hours downhill from Dhapsung until grade 8 and then to Mahendra School, 2 hours further away from Pating, until the end of their SLC or Plus 2 level.


HELP started working with the school in 2010 AD, after one of the young locals was so enthusiastic to return to his remote village to become a teacher.



Ram Dayal Shah

Mobile: 9809611208

Chair Person

Sancha Tamang

Mobile: 9843544569

  1. HELP Projects so far:
  2. Future needs:

HELP Projects so far:

  • 2 room classroom building in 2010
  • Teacher support grant for a teacher from 2010
  • Drinking water facility
  • Classroom furniture and management
  • Sports equipment
  • School In A Bag- Phase I and Phase III Refilling
  • Teacher Training and workshops
  • Textbooks and uniform

Future needs:

  • Classroom management
  • Library room management
  • Compound fencing
  • Teacher training